vol. 8, no. 1 (2006)
Sulo: Journal of Student-Faculty Research


The SULÔ: Journal of Student-Faculty Research is the official publication of the College of Education. It is a journal of students and faculty research. It is an avenue for students and faculty to publish materials out of their search of information to help not only senior students and faculty themselves, but also for other students and other faculty to learn from it, and be encouraged to write in order to express their learning and understanding.

Publisher: Capitol University

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Category: Education & Educational Research |

ISSN 2244-0275 (Print)

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The Paralogical Metaphor of Learner-centered Approaches of Teaching

June P. Salana

Discipline: Education

Reciprocity Patterns and Task Involvement Among Students in Community Immersion: Its Potentials for Teamwork in the Delivery of College-Based Community Education Services

Delia P. Santiago

Discipline: Education, Social Science

Coping Mechanisms of Capitol University Working Students with their Academic and Personal Stressors

Rolyn Ann G. Cadavos | Marie Joy A. Syliongco | Rowella N. Torillo

Discipline: Education

Work Values and Time Management Practice of the Library Working Students of Capitol University, S.Y. 2006-2007

Joseph O. Napone | Precy R. Osip | Rosalie Perez

Discipline: Education

Graduating Students Perception on the Level of Preparedness for Practice Teaching for S.Y. 2006-2007

Gerryl M. Ayungao | Riza S. Caitom | Jemima D. Sagario

Discipline: Education

Time Management, Study Habits, and Level of Involvement of the Capitol University Scholars Students during the First Semester S.Y. 2006-2007

Howell Jake Pailagao | Mark Quilang | Robinson Tablang | Mia Teresa Ador

Discipline: Education

Computational Skills among Grade Six Pupils at Corrales Elementary of the S.Y. 2006-2007

Jessica G. Guingao | Loren C. Tagaloguin | Maureen O. Velez

Discipline: Education

The Stressors and Stress Adjustment Level of Working Parents While Studying at the College of Education in Capitol University S.Y. 2006-2007

Jon Rey Laguerta | Jocelyn Avila | Melanie Labalan | Liza Daayata

Discipline: Education

Factors Influencing the Oral English Proficiency of Capitol University Senior Education Students

Nihayma P. Macasindil | Basalo P. Francia | Ma. Emmariz M. Valmorida

Discipline: Education

Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Criminology Students of Capitol University

Argie Cababarros | Miraluna Labora | Romela Rivera | Rizi Bambico | Shella Grace Dador | Alexander Bete | Krystil Rosabal | Jomar Villanil

Discipline: Education

Determinants of Reading Abilities of Grade IV Pupils of Macabalan Elementary School

Jona Abaygar | Lovella Jalapan | Rutchelmar Dayo | Joefrey Villadores

Discipline: Education

Reading Comprehension Difficulty in English among 4th Students of Cagayan de Oro National High School

Chiclet Dela Cruz | Sherry Rose S. Oling | Emily M. Perocho | Richard P. Valles

Discipline: Education