HomeAsian Journal of Healthvol. 1 no. 1 (2011)

Investigating the Protective Effect of Solanum melongena

Saima Gul | Sagheer Ahmed | Humaira Gul | Fatima Shad Kaneez

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine



The aim of this study is to investigate the protective effect of Solanum melongena (S. Melongena). Different solvent were used to extract the fractions. Antiplatelet activity was monitored using dual channel Lumi aggregometer, antioxidant enzymes were measured using kits purchased from RANDOX, UK while calcium channel blocking activity was screened on guinea pig ileum using isolated organ bath assembly. Aqueous fraction, Ethyl acetate fraction and Chloroform fraction potently inhibited platelet aggregation, antioxidant and calcium channel blocking activity respectively. These results indicated that all fractions of S. Melongena possesses antioxidant properties but aqueous fraction posses both AA and PAF antiplatelet activity and chloroform fraction acts as calcium channel blocker. We hypothesized that fractionation process may be responsible for the modification of the active compounds present in the extracts of S. Melongena and hence for their respective properties. Moreover, PAF aggregation cycle molecules which are involved in blocking may not be soluble either in ethyl acetate or chloroform.