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Identification of Microbial Isolates for Antagonistic Effects against Phytophthora palmivora

Gil, Wenceslao P.

Discipline: Medicine

The Quality of Care for Hospitalized Children at Davao Medical Center

Nacionales, Crissa Marie L.

Discipline: Medicine

Product Development of Sea Cucumber Powder

Subaldo, Milagros C. | Omboy, Arlyn J. | Revilla, Nila Nanette S. | Caballero, Graciela L.

Discipline: Information Technology, Medicine

Cognitive and Physio-Therapies for Positional Vertigo Disorders

Reddy, S. Sai Satyanarayana | Reddy, L.s.s. | Narayana, Ch. Venkat | Reddy, T. Sreenivas | Rao, D. Rajeswar

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Culture-Based Beliefs and Practices on Pregnancy and Childbirth among Sorsoguenos, Philippines

Ocbian, Magdalena M.

Discipline: Health, Medicine, Culture

Achievement Tests and their Relevance to Examination Performance of Nursing Graduates

Villegas, May Claire L.

Discipline: Education, Medicine

Maternal and Child Health Care Practices of the Matigsalug Tribe in Simsimon, Kalagangan, Bukidnon, Philippines

Ramos, Arnulfo B.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Factors Affecting Medication Errors among Staff Nurses: Basis in the Formulation of Medication Information Guide

Dumo, Anndra Margareth B.

Discipline: Medicine

Prevalence of Intestinal Helminth Infections and Associated Socio-Demographic Variables among Schooling Children of the Public Elementary Schools of Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines

Batbatan, Christopher G.

Discipline: Medicine

An Assessment of the Current Aids Education Program in the Philippines

Osteria, Trinidad S.

Discipline: Education, Medicine

Effectiveness of Garcinia mangostana (Mangosteen) Pericarp's Crude Extract as an Alternative Hematoxylin Component in Hematoxylin & Eosin Staining Technique

Arellano, Teresa Marie M. | Mateo, Jocelyn D. | Obana, Ma. Angelica B. | Olidan, John Louie | Ranola, Maria Sahlee Jessa | Domingo, Elenita

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Efficacy of Allamanda cathartica (Yellow Bell) as Anti-helmintic Agent

Domingo, Elenita | At-at, Robin C. | Badar, Maria Concepcion G. | Diez, Rickver Jaye A. | Manaloto, Fernan | Sicat, John Dave A.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Is there TLC at LTC? Capturing the Concept of Tender Loving Care among Filipino Elderly Clients under Monitored Long-Term Care through Phenomenology

Papa, Fides F. | Marzon, Mary Clemence G. | Piangco, Kenneth E. | Esguerra, Maria Ela Camille L. | David, Anna Marie G. | Ramos, Leri Rafiel L. | Guzman, Iris Joyce C. | Rivero, Jenica Ana A. | Del Rosario, Christian V.

Discipline: Social Science, Health, Medicine

Perception of the Community Clientele on the Services of the Urban Pharmacies: Implication to Quality Performance of Pharmacists at Marulas, Valenzuela Vicinity

De Vera, Olive | Rodriguez, Angelita A.

Discipline: Medicine

The Effect of Mangifera indica (Mango) Leaf Crude Extract in the Wound Healing Properties of Rattus norvegicus (Sprague Dawley)

Nuevo, Jose Jurel M. | Bernardino, Emerson Ronald K.

Discipline: Health, Natural Sciences, Medicine

Effects of Quorum Sensing on Cell Viability in Pseudomonas sppBiofilm Formation Using Crude Extract of Momordica

Pablo, Albert Francis

Discipline: Medicine

Problems in Patient Compliance and the Role of Psychology in Ensuring Adherence among Filipino Tuberculosis Patients

Orteza, Grace O.

Discipline: Social Science, Health, Medicine

The Landscape of Health Researches in Ilocos Region, Philippines

Cadorna, Edelyn A. | Cadorna, Erwin F.

Discipline: Health, Genetic Engineering, Medicine

HokuCryokinetics for the Reduction of Pain during the Active Phase of Labor

Alforque, Jose Mari Louis | Ysmael, Fleoy T. | Bejoc, Jillian A. | Elizon, Lagrimas G.

Discipline: Health, General Science, Medicine

The Volunteer Phenomenon of Nurses in the Philippines

Pring, Cecilia C. | Roco, Irene

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Self Efficacy and Self-Care Management Outcome of Chronic Renal Failure Patients

Balaga, Paolo Angelo G.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Lived Experiences with Arthritis among Older People

Defensor, Joel P.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Traditional and Modern Practices Enhance Health Knowledge of the Bagobo Tribe

Gascon, Mervin G.

Discipline: Psychology, Health, Medicine

Traditional Ecological Knowledge System of the Matigsalug Tribe in Mitigating the Effects of Dengue and Malaria Outbreak

Gascon, Mervin G.

Discipline: Psychology, Health, Medicine

Eosinophilia and Incidence of Soil-Transmitted Helminthic Infections of Secondary Students of an Indigenous School

Sumagaysay, James B. | Emverda, Floricel M.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

The Environmental Sanitation, Hygienic Practices and the Prevalence of Intestinal Parasitism among Schoolchildren

Abordo, Ian C. | Pelayo, Jerald L. | Nuñez, Aldwyn A. | Tagra, John Angel | Militante, Ivon Claire S.

Discipline: Biology, Health, Medicine

Visual Biofeedback: Adjunct Mirror Intervention during Stage Two Labor among Primiparous Women

Palompon, Daisy

Discipline: Biology, Medicine

Music on the Second Stage of Labor among Women in their First Pregnancy

Palompon, Daisy | Ysmael, Fleoy T. | Bejoc, Jillian A. | Elizon, Lagrimas G. | Gonzaga, Joni Inocencia | Cañeda, Hazel

Discipline: Psychology, Science, Medicine

Vitamin D Receptor Gene Bsm1 Polymorphism Positively Correlates with Prostate Cancer

Baxa-daguplo, Bella Marilou | Calingacion, Nico | Villar, Van Anthony | Villanueva, Rebecca | Garinganao, Dinah | Santos, Remedios | Garcia, Rodrigo

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Preparation of the Blood-Enriched Agar with the Use of Red Cell Suspension

Magbojos, Carina R. | Aro, Richelle S. | Caringal, Ma. Charisma S. | Castillo, Melvin M. | Llanes, Darwin A. | Sumaray, Karen D.

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Investigating the Protective Effect of Solanum melongena

Kaneez, Fatima Shad | Gul, Saima | Ahmed, Sagheer | Gul, Humaira

Discipline: Biology, Science, Medicine

Ethnobotanical Inventory and Assessment of Medically-Important Plant Roots in Cebu Island, Philippines

Picardal, Jay P. | Miano, Rommel S. | Alonso, Charly Ann G. | Reuyan, Deralgine

Discipline: Botany, Medicine

Antimicrobial, Antipyretic, and Anti-Inflammatory Activities of Selected Philippine Medicinal Pteridophytes

Amoroso, Victor B. | Coritico, Fulgent P. | Antesa, Dorothy A. | Buenavista, Dave P.

Discipline: Medicine

The Power to Influence and to Protect: Interconnectedness of the Human Bodies among the Visayans and the Indigenous People

De La Peña, Lilian C.

Discipline: Medicine, Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Raise the Red Flag, Fight and Survive the War – Struggle of a Positive Yuppie: A Hermeneutic Phenomenology

De La Rosa, Mark Gil Quilantang

Discipline: Medicine

Knowledge, Skills and Attitude on Insulin Administration of Nurses in Davao City

So Jr., Domingo T.

Discipline: Medicine

Leukocyte and Thrombocyte Increasing Activity and Nutritional Value of Formulated Suspension from Yellow Passion Fruit (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa, Passifloraceae) Juice

Casalan, Florie C.

Discipline: Medicine

In-Vitro Calcium Oxalate Crystallization Inhibition by Lemon Grass (Antropogen citratus) Hydroalcoholic Leaf Extract: An Approach to Anti-Urolithiasis

Bunales, Jonathan S. | Carreos, Joanah Athena F. | Dolor, Christine M. | Matabang, Iryll Clarence G. | Roy, Rocel Ann A. | Villaruel, Khalilie Julia B.

Discipline: Medicine

Sodium Acetate as an Alternative In-Vitro Anticoagulant for Complete Blood Count As Compared to Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid

Calma, Kristine G. | Corales, Precious Lou C. | Del Rosario, Ivan Al M. | Fernando, Katrina O. | Pua, Marvin Adrian R.

Discipline: Medicine

The Effect of Therapeutic Communication on Patients with Hypertension An Institutional Research

Gamayon, Mercedes C.

Discipline: Nursing, Medicine

Anxiety Levels among Relatives of Patients undergoing Computed Tomography Scan Receiving Standard Care and Audio-Video Comedy Clip in A Tertiary Hospital in Metro Manila Students’ Research Output

Padua, Marlene R. | Bumagat Jr., Ronald | Cristobal, Dianne Lara G. | Dapitan, Rhoxette P. | Fajilagmago, Kathleen F. | Mercado, Patricia Lou M. | Uy, Michael R.

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Perception and Behaviour of Married Women towards Pap Smear Procedure in Barangay 458 Sulukan St., Sampaloc, Manila Students’ Research Output

Padua, Marlene R. | Perez, Liza B. | Lusoc, Ellaine R. | Salvilla, Rodelyn C. | Orodio, Cynthia F. | Ellaine Chua, Shiela Rose C. | Manzano, Eirene Grace L.

Discipline: Psychology, Medicine

Synthesis and In Vitro Antimycobacterial Activity Determination of Phthalimide Derivatives

Alea, Glenn V. | Paraiso, West Kristian

Discipline: Medicine

Trace Elements In Clinical Medicine

Del Callar, Achilles

Discipline: Medicine

Level of Community Awareness on Selected Medical Imaging Modalities on the Availability of Health Care Services in Canitoan Village

Almajar, James A. | Carbon, C. | Cepeda, Brent Lloyd R. | Ebcas, Eamme Fides U. | Flores, Khristy Joy L.

Discipline: Medicine

Preliminary Determination of the Microbial Count on X-Ray Tables in Selected Hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines

Espina, Edzen A. | Baguio, Robbie Ringo G. | Balcovero, Marvs Tadeo D. | Barrieta, John Lester S. | Banasihan, Dan Engelan Q.

Discipline: Medicine, Radiology

Improving motor performance of hemiparetic upper extremity among patients with chronic stroke using constraint-induced movement

Callejo, Archelle Jane C.

Discipline: Medicine

A Moral Philosophical Basis for Bioethics

Gomez, Fausto

Discipline: Medicine

The Ureta Technique: Secondary Voice Reconstruction After Total Laryngectomy

Ureta, Celso V.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Oral Ramosetron in Combination with Dexamethasone Versus Oral Ramosetron Alone for Post Operative Nausea and Vomiting: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Guerrero, Julius Robert B. | Realubit, Elena B. | Yoingco, Monique M. | Tanchoco, Ma. Lilybeth R.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

The Correlation Between Patients’ Subjective Perception to Screen and Grade Hearing Loss Compared to an Audiogram

Garduño Iii, Dominador A. | Capuz, Karen | Cruz, Emmanuel

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Pleomorphic Adenoma Presenting as an Intranasal and Palatal Mass

Delos Santos-garcia, Aileen S. | Samson, Emmanuel S. | Reyes, Angelo A. | Cruz, Emmanuel Tadeus S.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma with an Unusual Metastasis to the Pterygomaxillary Space

Samson, Emmanuel S. | Reyes, Angelo A. | Cruz, Emmanuel Tadeus S. | Magmanlac, Janice D.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

Bazar, Baby Lovella N.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Rectal Liposarcoma

Isidro, Cesar B. | Garcia, Norman S. | Bayani, Cedina E.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Phytochemical Analysis of Bangbangsit a Bilidan (Labiatae sp)

Caban, Cirilo M. | Unciano, Jose C. | Gerona, Irene Melanie V. | Talania, Jasonjohn

Discipline: Science, Medicine, Agriculture

The Antihelminthic Activities of Dita (Alstonia scholaris) Bark and Tamarind (Tamarindus indicus) Seeds: A Comparative Study

Florentino, Carmela M. | Supnet, Gemma Agnes R.

Discipline: Medicine

Colony Forming Units of Skin Bacterial Isolates Before and After the Use of Blood Pressure Cuffs: A Basis for Cleaning Procedures on Blood Pressures Cuffs

Fegarido, Abbadon Abyss V. | Largoza, Jeffrey James C.

Discipline: Nursing, Medicine

Economic and Environmental Determinants of the Health Condition of the Filipinos

Orejana, Anne Jalandoni | Gamolo, Nerio D. | Teves, Maria Rizalia Yntig

Discipline: Economics, Health, Medicine

BreCaDS: Towards a Breast Cancer Decision Support System

Garcia, April Roxelle | Gerasmio, Ma. Beatrice | Tuastumban, Mae Lizza | Ababa, Milfe | Dimalen, Editha

Discipline: Medicine

Associated Microbial Flora Found in the Commonly Used Bath Basin in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital, Iligan City: Implication for Disease and Infection Control

Daligdig, Miko C. | Gaite, Jessica May G. | Gaite, Ricah Anne F.

Discipline: Medicine

Nurses as Patient Advocates in Preventing Nosocomial Infections: A Determinative Study of Potentially Pathogenic Bacterial Vital Signs-Taking Paraphernalia

Castillo, Christine Kim G. | Malicay, Kuh T. | Perez, Angelyn P.

Discipline: Nursing, Medicine

Suction Machines as Fomites: Surveillance for Infection Control in Selected Special Areas and Wards of Gregorio T. Lluch Memorial Hospital, Iligan City

Acuzar, Basil Ruffi L. | Mampao, Kara Monina C. | Obeso, Rex Richard A.

Discipline: Medicine

Human Sexuality in African Thought and the HIV/ AIDS Scourge

Familusi, O. O.

Discipline: Social Science, Medicine

Physical Activity Profile of Older Elementary School Children of Batac, Ilocos Norte using the Modified Physical Activity Questionnaire for Older Children

Aurelio, Manuel Ted F.

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Patients’ Health Beliefs and Practices and Compliance with Discharge Instructions

Palompon, Daisy

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Patients’ Health Beliefs and Practices and Compliance with Discharge Instructions

Palompon, Daisy

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Antibacterial Activity of Cacao (Theobroma Cacao Linn.) Pulp Crude Extract Against Selected Bacterial Isolates

Panganiban, Citadel A. | Reyes, Redencion B. | Agojo, Ivy | Armedilla, Rhona | Consul, Jazel Zabrine | Dagli, Hazel Frances | Esteban, Lorwin

Discipline: Medicine

The Antihelminthic Activities of Dita (Altonia scholaris) Bark and Tamarind (Tamarindus indicus) Seeds: A Comparative Study

Florentino, Carmela M. | Supnet, Gemma Agnes R.

Discipline: Medicine, Parasitology, Pharmaceutical Sciences

Awareness on Geriatric Care and the Quality of Life among Elderly

Queypo-queddeng, Mercita

Discipline: Medicine, Geriatics

Free T3 as a Reliable Indicator of Thyroid Dysfunction in Cirrhosis

Kaneez, Fatima Shad | Shakoor, Shazia | Iftikhar, Uzma

Discipline: Health, Medicine

Ang Karagatan sa Pananaw ng Isang Kimiko

Janairo, Gerardo E.

Discipline: Chemistry, Medicine, Ocean Medicine


Safitri, Erma | Srianto, Pudji | Widiyatno, Thomas V. | Sandhika, Willy | Prasetyo, R. Heru

Discipline: Medicine

Effects of Liberal Visitation on Anxiety, Satisfaction, and Length of Stay Among Intensive Care Unit Patients

Pari-an Rama, Lito | Ramos, Rita

Discipline: Medicine