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Effectivity of Malunggay (MoringaOleifera) Seeds Oil Extract Topical Application as Adjunct Therapy for Arthritic Pain

Karen T. Celetaria | Axl Rose R. Arnejo | Jezyl C. Cutamora

Discipline: Health



According to the Department of Health (DOH, 2011), the morbidity rate for Arthritis in the Philippines is increasing and the age group of 65 years and above has the highest morbidity. Despite the fluctuations in number of reported cases over the years, arthritis had been a rampant cause of pain to the elderly. However, therapy for this disease is considerably expensive; thus, the researchers utilized MoringaOleifera seeds oil extract topical application as an adjunct therapy in providing relief of arthritic pain. Manual oil press was used to extract oil. The researchers conducted three trials with four assessments in various time intervals for 30 randomized samples for each group in three different localities, utilizing the true-experimental, Pretest-Posttest design. One Way Repeated Measures Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) showed p-value of 0.909 and 0.000 for Control and Experimental groups respectively. Paired T-test revealed p-value of 0.000 for Experimental group’s pre-test and post-tests. T-test of independent samples however showed significant decrease in pain level only on 30 minutes and one hour after application. These results suggested highly significant decrease of pain perceived by subjects who received the adjunct therapy