vol. 3, no. 1 (2015)
Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal


The Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal is the official Journal of Higher Education of the University of San Jose-Recoletos, Cebu City, and is published bi-annually by the Center for Policy, Research & Development Studies (CPRDS), in December and June. It is an open venue dedicated to the promotion of knowledge in various disciplines. It adheres to the policy that all articles contained therein must meet the rigors of an independent peer review system and editing to ensure that the publication possesses scientific and academic merit.

Publisher: University of San Jose - Recoletos

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A Simulation Model on Determining the Patrons of a Business in the Era of Green Movement

Kristine June D. Uy | Marjurie Lourince E. Zanoria | Clifford Borlasa

Discipline: Business

Algebraic Method For Solving System Of Linear Congruences

Polemer M. Cuarto

Discipline: Mathematics

An Application of Student Self- Assessment and Newman Error Analysis in Solving Math Problems

Louida P. Patac | Adriano Patac

Discipline: Education

Considering Knowledge in Integration: Evidence from the ASEAN Member Nations

Cherie Lyn D. Moslares | Cecille G. Ablaza | Kristine June D. Uy | Marjurie Lourince E. Zanoria

Discipline: Social Science

Disrupting Education: Which between technological innovations and the ‘incredulity towards metanarratives’ is disrupting education?

Jose Velez Jr.

Discipline: Education

Effectivity of Malunggay (MoringaOleifera) Seeds Oil Extract Topical Application as Adjunct Therapy for Arthritic Pain

Karen T. Celetaria | Axl Rose R. Arnejo | Jezyl C. Cutamora

Discipline: Health

Evolutionary Models for the Interaction of the Higher Education Labor Force and Higher Education Market

Mark S. Borres | Felix Jr. M. Diano

Discipline: Education

Fractal Analysis Of Global Fresh Water Use

Randy K. Salazar | Josephine E. Petralba

Discipline: Environmental Science

Insights of Conflict Management Strategies from the Perspectives of Selected Philosophers

Glenn G. Pajares

Discipline: Philosophy

Multidimensional Poverty Indicators in light of ASEAN Integration

Jayvee Faust B. Anga | Jonah Marie S. Enerlas | Kristine June D. Uy | Marjurie Lourince E. Zanoria

Discipline: Economics

Path Analysis Of Climate And Tourism To The Economic Growth In The Philippines

Helmae N. Etulle

Discipline: Business

Potency Of Medicinal Leaves in the Growth Performance of Broiler Chicks

Levitah C. Mapatac

Discipline: Natural Sciences

Responding to the Challenges Of Employment Through Graduate Attributes

Dennis V. Madrigal

Discipline: Education

Simulation Model for the Maintenance of Government and Private Facilities in the Philippine Context

Jesse Susada | Marisa A. Mahilum | Dionisel Y. Regalado

Discipline: Economics

Sovereign Bankruptcy in the Perspective of the ASEAN Integration

Yener C. Cabalida | Alessa Joy D. Cruz | Kristine June D. Uy | Marjurie Lourince E. Zanoria

Discipline: Social Science

The World’s Leader in the Palm Oil Industry : Indonesia

Agnes C. Sequiño | Jessica Magallon-avenido

Discipline: Business

Tourism and Hospitality Management Students undergoing US Work and Travel Program: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Steven N. Sasam | Gelena Asis-dimpas | Antoniette Dayagbil

Discipline: Business