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Effect of the Three-Day Video Presentation on Proper Food Choices to Preschool Students of Wireless Elementary School

Gracielle Ma. Rosette B Enobio | Ancelle Mae D Marzo | Alona Jane A Delfino



This study was conducted in order to encourage preschoolers to eat healthy foods. This study aimed to answer the following questions: (1) What is the demographic profile of preschool students based on their age and sex? (2) What are the food choices of preschoolers prior to the video tool presentation based on their individual food likes and dislikes and choice between two snack kits with different type of foods? (3) Is there a significant difference in snack preference before and after video presentation? This study used purposive sampling technique to choose respondents from the preschool children of Wireless Elementary School, Davao City. Respondents were given food want questionnaires to reveal their food likes and dislikes and one (1) of the four (4) classes underwent the pre-snack kit test to identify preschoolers who prefer Snack Kit A (coke, candy, chips and chocolates) over Snack Kit B (fruit, sandwich and milk), who then viewed the experimental video presentation and underwent the post snack kit test to determine the effectiveness of the tool about Proper Food Choices. The post snack kit test showed that the video caused change in preference. Hence, there was a decision to choose healthy foods (Snack Kit B) over unhealthy foods (Snack Kit A). Based on t-test there is a significant difference in preference of the respondents before and after video presentation.