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Factors Influencing Infant Feeding Practices of Lactating Mothers of Brgy. 5-A, San Isidro, Bankerohan, Davao City

April Rica Laput | Mia Bianca Angeli Cendaña | Cecil Sarque



This study was conducted to determine the infant feeding practices of lactating mothers of Barangay 5-A, Don Isidro, Bankerohan, Davao City and to know the factors which influence their choice. It aimed to identify the reasons that justify their choice of infant feeding administration, the time at which they initiate breastfeeding, the duration of their lactation, the early supplementary foods given to infants aged seven (7) and up, and the reasons for giving such foods. The researchers used the descriptive survey method where thirty-five (35) lactating mothers answered questions administered through validated structured questionnaires and personal interviews. A purposive quota sampling method was used in identifying the respondents for this investigation. The results showed that majority (91%) of the thirty-five (35) selected lactating mothers exclusively breastfed their infants while only two (2) of the lactating mothers preferred other choices; mixed feeding is one (1) and bottle feeding is also one (1). The most common reason of the lactating mothers (42%) who preferred exclusive breastfeeding for the first three months of their infants is that it would be wasteful not to use breast milk because they have a lot of it. The researchers highly recommend an intense advocacy to promote breastfeeding especially in the barangay level.