HomeThe Banquetvol. 2 no. 1 (2015)

Food and beverage, preference, descriptive comparative

Leah R Altizo | Ferne Charmaine B Billena | Jessamine Ahm Lorraine L Dematingcal | Angela Grace Rapiz | Ryan Michael A Suson



The purpose of this study was to compare the level of employability skills of Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management graduates in Paradise Island & Bluejazz beach resort and Water Park. This study can give the readers information about the duties and responsibilities of newly graduate hotel and restaurant management students in the said resorts. Findings revealed that a hotel and restaurant management graduate in paradise has the highest employability skills according to age and gender. The self-management skills showed the highest level (4.39 – working in Paradise and 4.17 for those working in Bluejazz) employability skills among the graduates working in both resorts. This emphasizes that self-management skills were high among the hotel and restaurant management graduates in both resorts which may serve as a basis for their employability. There is an existing significant difference (P.05) on the level of employability skills among graduates when analyzed according to gender. This clearly suggests that level of employability skills among the hotel and restaurant management graduates do not significantly differ from each other. Descriptive method was applied in this research. Survey questionnaires and an interview were employed to gather data assessment from the respondents in relation on the comparison of employability skills of Hotel & restaurant management graduates. There were fifteen respondents in each resort. As part of the recommendation, tracer study must be conducted to measure the level of employability skills among its students