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Phenomenological Inquiry on Food Intake of the University of the Immaculate Conception Athletes: Basis for the Development of the General Nutrition Awareness Evaluation Tool

Hannah A Pareja | Claudine Marie L Geraldo | Cyrille Jeanne Flores | Christelle Mae Deliguer | Fleur Jessica Villanueva | John Reyes | Shiela Mae V Gabuya



The purpose of this study was to develop an evaluation tool that can determine the level of nutrition awareness among the athletes. The data for the study were gathered with the use of a Focused Grouped Discussion (FGD) with three basketball and six volleyball players from the UIC varsity. They served as a basis in the formulation of the questionnaire which was used in the pilot testing of the athletes from different schools to measure the awareness of the athletes and to test the effectiveness of the evaluation tool. This research is important in order to determine the food practices and lifestyles of an athlete that may contribute to his/her performance. This study evaluated the athlete’s current knowledge in their dietary requirement, source of nutrients and food choices. Findings revealed that, majority of them have problems when it comes to their eating behaviors and most are eating in fast food chains and easily consumed prepared foods because they have little time preparing their meals. Athletes with higher nutrition knowledge have the capacity to maintain a healthy body and obtain ideal weight for competition. With the help of this study, we are be able to develop an evaluation tool that can help assess the nutritional awareness among athletes and even the aspiring athletes to have knowledge of their nutrition, and how food and food intake affect their performance. Getting involved in sports demands a higher energy and greater stamina for them to become an effective athlete.