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Lived Experiences of Institutionalized Elderly on Food Preference and Food Served in the Absence of a Nutrition Professional

Jason O. Molina | Karlyn Rose L Buduan | Ailline M Paciente | Elegien D Marinduque | Jonna M Serdon | Katherine C Manos



Malnutrition among institutionalized elderly is of public concern because it negatively affects their quality of life. Thus, this phenomenological study helped us understand and describe the experiences of the elderly as to their food preferences as well as the food served in the absence of nutrition professional in the institution. The study was conducted at Co Su Gian Home for the Aged, Davao City. The institutionalized elderly expressed that they are not satisfied with the food served. They describe the presentation, smell and texture of food as good. Furthermore, they perceive the food served as tasteless, limited and small. Their weekly menu plans were only based on the available resources coming from food donations of some private organizations. According to Co Su Gian’s Management, their weekly menu plan comprises breakfast, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch and dinner. As verbalized by the institution’s management, there is no nutrition professional available in the Co Su Gian Home for the Aged due to limited funds from the government. The meals are prepared and served to all residents in the institution regardless of some special dietary needs of the elderly.