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Lived Experiences of Lactating Mothers: Issue on Nutritional Status, Meal Patterns and Breastfeeding

Florence S Suarez | Ella Mae Dagsan | Marychris Cerna | Marijoy Hilario | Kristine Dominique Macarana | Hannah Topinio



This study aimed to determine the experiences of lactating mothers particularly their meal patterns, nutritional status and their views on breastfeeding. Through a phenomenological inquiry method, the researchers made use of validated questionnaires during a focus group discussion. This study also aimed to determine the nutritional status of lactating mothers using BMI and their meal patterns using the 24-hour food recall and the food frequency questionnaire given to the twelve (12) participants of the study. The results showed that lactating mothers showed positive attitudes towards breastfeeding and is knowledgeable about its importance. Even though these mothers’ know the importance of breastfeeding, still there nutritional intake is inadequate. Economic factors are one of the reasons of mothers in breastfeeding their babies, instead of buying milk formulas. Health staffs and mothers’ of first-time mothers play an important role in influencing these mothers to breastfeed their children. The reason of mothers for breastfeeding is that, first, it is economical. They can readily access to it without spending money. Second, it is professionally advised by health centers and maternity clinics. After they give birth, they are already advised to breastfeed. Third is that it is more convenient to the mothers. They will no longer prepare bottled milk for their young.