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Knowledge and Nutrient Intake of Elderly in Compliance with the Dietary Recommendation of Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos in Relation to their Nutritional Status

Nelca Stephany M Umblero | Jessa Mae Adalla | Jezza Mae Develos | Rose Marie Pahit | Rizah Fe Perjes | April Catherine Reyes



This study aimed to determine the level of nutritional behavior of elderly in compliance to the Nutritional Guidelines for Filipinos (NGF) dietary recommendations. Thus, it also attempted to measure the significant relationship in this investigation. This utilized both descriptive-correlative and descriptive-comparative research designs. The study was conducted at Barangay 76-A, Barangay Bucana, S.I.R., New Matina, Davao City where active participating senior citizens were found. A total of 80 elderly people affiliated with D’ Energetic Senior Association were the respondents of the study. Findings revealed that there is no significant relationship existed in the level of nutritional knowledge and nutritional intake of the respondents.