HomeThe Banquetvol. 3 no. 1 (2016)

Food Safety Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of the Food Handlers in University of the Immaculate Conception Canteens

Jessica Alfonso | Irel Maie Arao-Arao | Donna Jannica Gornez | Jorelyn Joy Pascual | Glee Cris Urbiztondo | Von Oliver Vanzuela



Improper practices and lack of knowledge by food handlers are contributing factors for foodborne outbreaks. Foodborne outbreak is a serious incident where people got illnesses that are often caused by the lack of knowledge on proper food hygiene by the food handlers. The University of the Immaculate Conception is a big university that has three different campuses and four canteens. This study is aimed at investigating the knowledge, attitude, and practice of food handlers in the four different canteens of the University. The result showed that higher level of the attitude leads to more efficiency towards practices in food handling. This study identified the best practices of food handlers for ensuring food safety. Furthermore, it also revealed that both the best and negative practices in terms of food handling in the hope that they would be given proper address.