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What Makes Us Stay? Unveiling the Minds of the Teachers in the Religious of the Virgin Mary Schools in Region XI

Nora Jovina M Albores



The purpose of this phenomenological study was to describe and understand the reasons why teachers stay longer teaching in the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) schools. This study focused on the teachers who were teaching in any level and whose length of stay ranges from 10 years onwards in the Religious of the Virgin Mary Schools in Region XI. A total of 18 teachers from different RVM schools participated in the in-depth interviews and focus group discussion. Thematic analysis was employed to identify various themes in the study. For the experiences of teachers in the RVM schools, the essential themes were: spiritual formation, professional development, camaraderie, physical fitness and teachers’ benefits. While for the views on reasons for staying long, the following themes were observed: relationship dynamics, spiritual and religious activities, benefits, professional and academic growth and self and social skills development. Finally, the themes merged for RVM teachers’ insights were the following: good working relationship, motivation and incentives, creativity and productivity, teamwork and unity and compensation and recognition.