vol. 1, no. 1 (2017)


Tin-aw Graduate School Book of Abstracts, University of the Immaculate Conception.

Publisher: University of the Immaculate Conception

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Doctoral Abstracts

Structural Equation Modeling on Clients Satisfaction on Tourism Spots in Northern Mindanao

Annie Fritchie Aballe

Organizational Climate, Organizational Leadership, Organizational Productivity, and Quality of Work, Life of Employees in the Life Insurance Industry in Davao Region

Rolando G Borja

What Makes Us Stay? Unveiling the Minds of the Teachers in the Religious of the Virgin Mary Schools in Region XI

Nora Jovina M Albores

A Structural Model of General Student’s Outcome in Disadvantaged Public Basic Schools in Ghana

Paulette Maria Goretti A Ankrah

A Path Model of Teacher Productivity as Influenced by Collective Trust, Collective Efficacy and Organizational Support among Public Elementary Schools in Region XI

Rosalyn D Bacalso

Job Satisfaction, Continuing Professional Development and Pharmaceutical Care Practices of Hospital Pharmacists in the Philippines and Malaysia: Basis for Pharmacy Professional Development Plan

May Florence D. Bacayo

Development and Evaluation of Filipino Teachers Commitment Scale: An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Method

Simplicio T Balleza Jr

Unraveling the Challenges of Non-Special Education Trained Teachers in Handling Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders

Rheamarie Jo V Cerbo

Demystifying Special Education Teacher Attrition: A Phenomenology

Aivy D Gale

Educational Change, Change Management Strategies and Transformational Leadership as Determinants of Organizational Culture of Tertiary Schools in Region XI

Rhodora S Gamboa

A Causal Model of School Effectiveness as Estimated by Instructional Leadership, Teacher Motivation and Beliefs

Leah M Huevos

Synergistic Appeal of Health Literacy and Medication Therapy Management Leading Towards Effective Clinical Pharmacy Practices and Patient Outcome: A Phenomenology

Sonia S. Morales

Living in the Prestige of Teaching Profession: A Multiple Case Study

Melodina A Orlandez

Balancing Academic and Family Life: Seamen’s Wives in Focus

Basilisa R Padriquela

A Structural Equation Model for Productivity of Teachers based on Anger Management and Relational Skills

Ramil B Parugganan

Experiential Learning Outcomes of Pharmacy Interns as Estimated by Capacity and Support of Hospitals and Preceptor Competency

Vivien Leigh F. Pasicolan

Teachers’ Professional Competence, Teaching Skills and Proficiency in Constructing Classroom-Based Tests: Basis for a Proposed Intervention Scheme

Carlito P. Yurango

Perspective and Experiences of Indigenous People in Ecotourism Areas in Region XII

Marilou E Albano

Determinants of Research Publication Productivity among Faculty of Higher Education Institutions in Region XI: Basis for Institutional Research Program Enhancement

Ana Julia P. Enero

Dichotomies of Male and Female Conversations as Grounded from a Filipino Reality TV Program

Evangeline H Alvarez

The Realities of Suicide Notes via Linguistic Lens

Danilo G. Baradillo

Lived Experiences of English Teachers of Talaingod Manobo Students: Pedagogical Challenges in Focus

Jay H Cabal

News Stories about War on Drugs: A Social Media Enigma

Dante O Calamba

Variations among Mandaya Dialects: A Multiple Case Study

Arnold M Duping

Morpholexico Semantics: Lavender Linguistics in Focus

Ruben C Fajardo

The Filipino Teachers as Victims of Social Bashing: A Phenomenon of Emerging Language

Nona Grace O Isturis

Variations in Maguindanaon Language

Fhajema M Kunso

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Headlines in Online News Portals

Glorilyn M Montejo

Concept of Beauty in Television Advertisements: A Phenomenological View on the Linguistics Strategies Used

Madilyn C Ondoy

Negotiating Meanings: A Multiple Case Study of Struggling Learners in an English Class

Maricel A Palomata

Media Advertisement on Sexual Enhancement Drugs: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Raissa Z Samillano

Emotional Intelligence and 21st Century Skills among the English Language Learners in the Tertiary Schools in Davao City

Francis Kenneth Canono

Masteral Abstracts

Characterization and Larvicidal Activity of Green-Synthesized Silver Nanoparticles Using Cracker Plant Ruellia tuberosa Leaf Extract

Jocelyn L Miranda

Rewards and Challenges of Public School Religious Instructor-Volunteers: A Phenomenology

Leah S Bañez

Effect of Instrumental and Lyrical Music on the Reading Comprehension of the Students

Mark Jason P Cuario

Personality Types, Affective Filters and English Proficiency of Grade Ten Students in Davao City

Dulce Marie A Martinez

Utilization of Language Websites and Grammatical Competence of Grade Eleven Students

Jannie Jean D Medida

Motivational Practices of Teachers and English Learning Development of Manobo and B’laan Students

Eunice Jane A Mejorada

Oral English Apprehension and Speech Performance of Grade Eleven Students

Brando B Sayson

Assessment of Heavy Metals Contamination in River Estuarine Sediments: Basis for River Education Program

Jun Rey D Dequiña

Learning Environment, Parental Involvement and Attitudes of Students towards Mathematics

Jackie V Borres

Effectiveness of Bilingual Instructional Approach on the Mathematics Performance of the Students in Enhancement Class

Bernamil B Malintad

Self-Assessed Content Knowledge in Mathematics and Instructional Competence of Teachers in Davao Del Sur

Ryan C Nalam

Manifestation of Selected Teachers’ Characteristics and Mathematics Performance of Grade 10 Students in Lupon District

Jay Ar B Ulanday

Folk Healing Practices: Reflecting an Inculturation of Catholic Faith

Efren Jone J Oledan