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Unraveling the Challenges of Non-Special Education Trained Teachers in Handling Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders

Rheamarie Jo V Cerbo



This study unraveled the challenges encountered by non-SPED trained teachers in regular classrooms based on their actual experiences in handling students with intellectual disability and behavioral problems. It also identified approaches and methods to address intellectual disabilities and behavioral disorders as employed by the teachers. Mixed method was used with purposeful sampling technique in selecting the study participants. The data were elicited through in-depth interviews, focus group discussion and a survey. Teachers revealed several challenges such as exasperation, dealing with manic and overactive learners, being stretched to the limit, lack of skill and preparation, and lack of parental support. On the other hand, they also shared the approaches and methods they employed such as the use of variety of strategies and techniques, provision of a favorable learning environment, being firm and steady, and seeking help and guidance. It highlighted that stress of teachers were all because of the challenging behaviors exhibited by students in the classrooms and the teachers’ lack of adequate support, assistance and trainings in handling special learners. Moreover, classroom management of teachers had implications towards students’ learning outcomes and their behaviors which were essential for laying the foundation of an effective and positive learning environment.