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A Path Analysis of Work Performance as Estimated by Innovative Work Behavior, Organizational Learning and Work Engagement of Print Media Employees in Region XI

Gretchen B. Chavez



This study determined the best fit model of work performance among print media employees in Region XI. The descriptivecorrelational design was utilized in this study. Data were gathered through survey questionnaires among 419 purposely selected employees from print media. Mean was employed in analyzing the level of innovative work behavior, level of organizational learning level work engagement and level of work performance. Pearson Product-Moment Correlation was used to analyze the relationships that existed among the variables. Multiple regression analysis was used to measure the influenced of innovative work behavior, work engagement and organizational learning on work performance. Furthermore, path analysis with structural equation modeling was utilized to find the best fit model of work performance. The results showed that the employees had high levels of innovative work behavior, organizational learning, work engagement and work performance. Moreover, only the organizational learning and work engagement significantly predicted employees work performance while the innovative work behavior significantly predicted work performance. Furthermore, the best fit model of work performance was Hypothesized Model 5 which passed all the goodness of fit indices.