vol. 2, no. 1 (2018)


Tin-aw Graduate School Book of Abstracts, University of the Immaculate Conception.

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The Moderating Effect of Motivation on the Relationship between Perceived Support and Organizational Commitment

Garry L. Bastida

A Path Analysis of Work Performance as Estimated by Innovative Work Behavior, Organizational Learning and Work Engagement of Print Media Employees in Region XI

Gretchen B. Chavez

Mediating Role of Employee Empowerment on the Relationship between Servant Leadership and Job Satisfaction

Joezel B. Gara

Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction on the Relationship between Compensation Management and Employee Engagement

Jennifer C. Gonzaga

A Path Analysis of Customer Loyalty of Homegrown Coffee Shops in Davao Region

Kymwell R. Hinlayagan

The Mediating Effect of Customer Service on the Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Reputation of Electric Cooperatives in Caraga Region

Melody A. Patiño

A Structural Model of Millennial Tourism Behavior towards Tourism in Davao Region

Hazel Princess M. Rebollo

The Mediating Effect of Impulse Buying on the Relationship between Financial Management and Saving Behavior of DepEd Division Personnel in Region XI

Marieta A. Rimando

Mediating Effect of Morale on the Relationship between Cross-Department Training and Work Performance of Employees of the Hotel Industry in Davao Region

James Michael I. Salvador

Factors Influencing Banana Growers Intention to Adopt Sustainable Agricultural Farming in Region XI: A Path Analysis

Raymond B. Sintos

Language of Interrogation on Senate Hearings on Drug-Related Cases

Teena Marie P. Bangoy

Code-Switching in Facebook Posts: Episodes of Forms and Reasons

Lyzyl L. Banuag

The School Administrators as Speakers in Public Venues: Gains and Drawbacks

Jonathan L. Cabradilla

Speeches of President Rodrigo RoaDuterte: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Aivie E. Dacay

Genre Analysis of Research Article Conclusion in Quantitative Researches

Elias S. Dalapo

A Semiotic Analysis of Signage in Downtown Area of Davao City

Fabiana T. Epondulan

A Discourse Analysis on Flip top Battles among Filipino Youth

Janice A. Fernandez

Online Portrayal of Marawi Siege: National and International News Frames in Context

Irish Mae G. Fernandez

A Dialectology of the Mansaka Language

Anthony Pol P. Fulache

The Presidential Campaign Speeches during the 2016 Election: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Nilo T. Labang

Linguistic Features of Agusan-Manobo Oral Literatures

Fatima Honey Vi L. Lapidez

Written Reflections as Penned by Native B’laan Speakers: Writing Style in Focus

Francisco Jr. Z. Lorenzo

Women Representation in Philippine Advertising: A Semiotic Analysis

Socorro L. Neri

Pragmalinguistic Analysis of Grave Threats in Philippine Decided Cases

Gina M. Oracion

Backchat of Generation Z Students towards the Verbal Concerns of their Parents in the Contemporary Milieu: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Rizalito H. Paga

Recorded Formative Feedbacking in Language Classes: A Discourse Analysis

Jessie S. Sajol

Commentaries of Facebook Users on Filipino Blogs: A Register Analysis

Leilani T. Señires

Facebook Posts of Fraudsters in Networking Businesses: A Discourse Analysis

Mark G. Suico

The Hearing Children of Deaf Parents: Articulating the Voice of Silence

Belen D. Tado

Face Threatening Acts in Commentaries on Extrajudicial Executions in the Philippines as Posted in Online News Portals

Shiryl T. Ytoc

Gains and Drawbacks on the Use of Mother Tongue Based Instruction: From the Perspectives of the Non-Maranao Teachers

Cherry Ann P. Cutad

Lived Experiences of Gifted and Talented Students in an English as a Second Language Classroom

Ma. Christina B. Dionisio

Filipino Songs as Vehicle of Gay Portrayal: Through Formalist and Marxist Analyses

John Ryan V. Ignacio

Moderating Effect of Internal Locus of Control on the Relationship between School Organizational Climate and Teacher Morale

Liezl L. Antonio

A Structural Model of Faculty Performance as Influenced by Resonant Leadership, Work Empowerment and Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Region XI

Grace O. Aoanan

Moderating Effect of Parental Involvement on the Relationship between Classroom Management and Student Engagement

Susan C. Bardinas

A Path Analysis of School Climate as Estimated by Leadership Behavior of Principal, Self-Efficacy and Professional Development of Teachers

Dominador A. Dagohoy

The Mediating Effect of Cultural Intelligence on the Relationship between Leadership Practices and School Effectiveness

Myrna F. Dagohoy

Exploring the Views of Filipino Teachers on the Dimensions of Academic Quality: In Search of a Valid and Reliable Scale

Mark Gennesis B. Dela Cerna

The Contemporary Practices of Student Affairs Administration: A Phenomenology of Evolutionary Leadership

Cynthia Linda P. Gallenero

Meaningful Work Experience of Public Elementary School Teachers in Region XI: A Structural Equation Model

Maricel M. Jamero

Travails of High School Science Teachers: A Phenomenology

Camila l. Likit

A Structural Model of Meaningful Learning as Predicted by Technological Leadership, Computer Competence and Technology Integration of Public Secondary Schools in Region XI

Morris John I. Lobetos

Leadership Competencies: Their Mediating Effect on the Relationship between Supervisory Strategies of Administrators and Job Performance of Teachers

Menerva D. Masaudling

The Academic Pursuit of Successful Student Transferees: A Multiple Case Study

Kenny James Merin

Why are We Leaving our Profession?” Exploring the Minds of Clinical Nurses

Deborah Juliet A. Omran

A Structural Equation Model of Grit in the Context of Non-cognitive Measures

Jeralyn A. Palero

Exploring the Factor Structure, Development, and Evaluation of Self-Efficacy Scale for Academic Leaders

Orcheliza L. Paramo

Mediating Effect of Risks Management Strategies on the Relationship between Leadership Style and Work Performance of School Heads

Estrellita A. Ramos

Mediating Effect of Self-Awareness on the Relationship between Burnout and Psychological Well-being of Tertiary School Teachers in Region XI: Basis for Intervention

Lorevic D. Stefaniak

A Path Model of Turnover Intention among Teachers in Region XI

Thatcher K. De La Peña

Insightful Standpoints of Mathematics Teachers on the Use of Learners Materials and Teachers Guides for K to 12 Curriculum

Amelyn U. Delos Reyes

Assessment and Evaluation of the Clinical Pharmacy Curriculum: Basis for the Development of Objective Structured Clinical Examination Manual

Cherrie G. Muaña

The Kalagan Learners in Davao City: A Phenomenology of Academic Challenges

Rosemarie T. Realino

MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Marketing Strategies of Tertiary Educational Institutions and Selected Inventory of Secondary School Students

Ma. Rosario A. Casibang

Elucidating the Extrinsic Motivation Received by the Service Crew of Korean Grill Cuisine: A Phenomenology

Brendan E. Chiege

The T’boli Tribe from the Backdrop of Tourism Development in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato: Some Unheard Voices

Renato Jr. B. Dela Cruz

Motivation and Work Efficiency of Banana Company Employees in Davao del Norte

Mary Jay J. Matabaran

Financial Stress and Job Satisfaction of Cooperative Bank Employees in Cotabato Province

Lilibeth C. Vidad

Productivity of Cacao Farmers in Calinan District of Davao City

Rachel P. Lingatong

Conjoint Analysis of Salary Loan Preferences among Higher Educational Institutions Employees

Alex Jr. M. Taguenca

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MAJOR IN ENGLISH Decoding the Complexities of MTB-MLE Implementation in the Transition Stage: Teachers’ Standpoints

Rizza S. Asuque

The Implementation of Inclusive Education in a Public National High School: Viewpoints of English Language Teachers in Focus

Jeremy B. Barnido

Effectiveness of Oral Drill Technique on the Grammar Proficiency of Grade Seven Students

Sheryl Laine T. Caminade

Personal Attributes and Reading Competence of Grade Nine Students

Marsend Jade C. Franza

Portrayals of Men in Contemporary Philippine Short Stories: A Deconstruction of Masculinity

Phyll Jhann E. Gildore

Multiple Intelligences and English Communication Skills of Grade Ten Students of Davao City

Nilo C. Hagonoy

Teacher Feedbacking and the Writing Performance of Grade 11 Students

Jessa Mae O. Jopson

Metacognitive Awareness on Reading Strategies and Information Literacy Skills of Senior High School Students

Fer Livette B. Kileste

Effect of Multimodal Approach to the Poetry Writing Competencies of Students

Fernan B. Lehao

Multilingual Proficiency and Metalinguistic Awareness of Senior High School Students

Monico P. Malubay

Intercultural Communication Challenges: Exploring the Minds of Call Center Agents

Rachelyn P. Montejo

Preferred Learning Styles and Language Instructional Techniques of Grade 11 Students and their English Language Proficiency

Jason Muyalde

Ethnocentrism and Communication Apprehension among Indigenous People Students

Christian Jay R. Pasana

Epistemological Beliefs and Pedagogical Competence of Pre-Service Language Teachers

Rieshia V. Peñales

A Qualitative-Hermeneutics Analysis of the Queer Characters in the Short Stories of the Ladlad Anthology

Febbie Faith S. Ramos

Politeness Strategies in Classroom Interaction: A Discourse Analysis

Christian Jay O. Syting

Effectiveness of Visual Thinking Strategy on Creative Writing Skills among Senior High School Students

Harry Dave B. Villasor

Syntactic Error Analysis on Oral Classroom Discourse

Jemimah S. Zanoria

Women Characters in Select Mindanao Fiction

Anamarie B. Uyangurin

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MAJOR IN GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING Reward-Giving and Class Participation of Grade IV Students

Michelle H. Amodia

Parenting Styles and Self-esteem among Grade 6 Public Elementary School Students

Rinalyn C. Bedolido

Factors Affecting Career Decision Making and Level of Interest of Grade 10 Students in Teresian Daughters of Mary Schools

Maria Liza M. Bonayog

Preparedness and Competencies of School Counselors in Servicing Students with Special Needs: Basis for Program Development

Jovy U. Gatan

Readiness of Students and Utilization of Cybercounseling as a Supplementary Tool to School Counseling Service

Desiree O. Labio

FICS Factors Affecting Performance and Student Outcomes of Pantawid Program Recipients in Surigao Del Sur Division Public High Schools: Basis for Intervention

Marieto Cleben V. Lozada

Attachment Styles and Coping Responses of the Adolescents with Separated Parents: Basis for Counseling Program

Renee Joy D. Paniza

Conflict Management Skills of Teachers and Misbehavior of Students: Basis for an Intervention Program

Irene R. Pedrano

Personality Traits and Academic Performance of Students who are Children of Overseas Filipino Workers: Basis for Intervention Program

Ivy Jane M. Tolentino

Emotional Intelligence and Engagement among Senior High School Students: Basis for Intervention Program

Mary Grace S. Ybanez

Academic Self-efficacy, Study Habits and Test Anxiety among Bible College Students: Basis for Counseling Program

Jose I. Abraham

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MAJOR IN MATHEMATICS Learning Perceptions and Mathematical Proficiency of Adult Learners in a State College

Loulla T. Araquil

Teacher Competence in Relation to Mathematical Skills of Grade 10 Public High School Students in Davao City

Annie Rose L. Bajenting

Effectiveness of Digital Game-Based Learning on Mathematics Achievement of Grade Six Students

Romel B. Boldadora

English Proficiency and Mathematics Performance of Grade Six Students

Michael Jake S. Jordan

College Students’ Attitude towards Playing Defense of the Ancients (DOTA 1) and their Trigonometry Proficiencies

Rholey R. Picaza

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MAJOR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Perceived Advantages of Information and Communications Technology Integration and Digital Literacy among Physical Education Faculty

Gemkarl Rufer Denayn B. Galang

Effectiveness of Teduray Traditional Game in Physical Fitness of Grade Students

Magno Jr. M. Gonzales

Efficacy and Performance in Coaching in State Universities and Colleges of Region 12

Marlon A. Mancera

Self-efficacy and Utilization of Alternative Assessment among Physical Education Teachers

Eduard S. Sumera

Psychological Skills of Dance Sport Athletes: Basis for Training Program

Ava Sheldon O. Tagunayon

Accountability Practices and Commitment of Coaches in Region 12

Desiree Ann C. Tenebroso

Learning Experiences, Learning Styles, and Academic Performance of the Students

Arnel Jeff S. Tulabing

Coping Skills, Psychological Skills and Athletes Performance in Region XII

Benjie E. Yumague

MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT Dimensions of Organizational Climate and Academic Optimism: Basis for a Proposed Faculty Development Program

Nestle Joy R. Arguilla

Organizational Commitment and 21st Century Skills among Teachers of Caraga South District Division of Davao Oriental

Eric Paul M. Benson

School-Based Management Practices and Satisfaction of Teachers on the Professional Development Program

Liza J. Elumbra

Leadership Framework of School Heads and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Teachers in Malabog District, Davao City

Marie Kris A. Estrada

Non-Early Childhood Education Graduates in their Pedagogical Journey as Kindergarten Teachers: A Phenomenology of Adaptation Challenges

Patricia Anne R. Mangaoil

Leadership Style, Job Satisfaction and Retention of Teachers in Private Institution

Cherrie N. Paniamogan

Leadership Styles and School Climate of Public Secondary Schools in Mati City, North District

Jezza Mae M. Bel

School-based Management Practices and Teacher Productivity in Public Elementary Schools in Davao City

Jocelyn C. Cogtas

Collective Trust and Administrative Support as Predictors of Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Teachers

Theresa T Eguia

The Influence of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction to Job Performance of Public School Elementary Teachers

Alfredo Jr. P. Magbanua

Possible Predictive Influence of Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction to Teacher Efficiency

Darylle Hanna T. Millanes

Management Skills of School Administrators and Motivation of Public Elementary School Teachers in Davao City

Jovelyn E. Montilla

Motivational Skills of Administrators and Teaching Task Behavior of Public Secondary School Teachers in Davao Oriental

Elena T. Sabandon

Effectiveness of Induction Program and Performance of Teachers in Public Schools in Davao City

Riza S. Sayomac

Instructional Leadership and Academic Achievement of Students in Christian Elementary Schools in Davao City

Eunice L. Ultiano

Workplace Bullying and Job Satisfaction among Health Care Professionals

Dannalyn D Ibañez

MASTER OF ARTS IN ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Cognitive Style and Student Achievement in English of Grade 6 Students

Romel T. Gumobao

The Meaning of K-12 under the Vision of Parents and Faculty of Higher Education

Mary Lovely Suzzeth P. Mendez

Attitude of Students towards Science Teachers and Appreciation of Science Subject

Recellia J. Piramide

A Comparative Assessment of the Selected Factors on Construction Projects in Fezzan Libya

Ali Amna Alsadaqu Anafni

Antioxidant Activity of Lyophilized Crude Extracts from the Leaves of Bixaorellana, Centrosemapubescens, Clerodendrumspeciosum, Cyanthilliumcinereum and Syzygiumaqueum

Jovy A. Dulay

In Vitro Antioxidant and Percent Inhibition of Hydrogen Peroxide Formation Properties of the Extracts of Common Lawn Area Grasses in Midsayap, North Cotabato

Jolai R. Garcia

Inhibitory Activity of Selected Ethanolic Plant Extracts on 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Co-Enzyme A (HMG-CoA)

Sherry V. Mecida

Organizational Culture of Chemical Laboratory Safety Compliance of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Davao City: Basis for a Risk Management Guidelines

Emiliano Jr. Z. Sison

In Vitro Assay of Anti-diabetic and Antioxidant Properties of Selected Marine Plants Extract in the Island Garden City of Samal

Ronnie M. Vales

Evaluation and Enhancement of Antimicrobial Stewardship Program of a Secondary Hospital in Davao City

Jesy Anne Feye P. Balagtas

Antioxidant and Antiangiogenic Property of Formulated Syrup from Three Selected Varieties of Durian (DuriozibethinusMurr.) Seeds

Carolina P. Eroy

Antiangiogenic Activity and Bioremediation Capacity of Formulated Tea from Kalanchoepinnata (“Katakataka”) and Colocasiaesculenta (“Taro”) Leaves

Reysa Raphaelle G. Gabilagon

Effects of Different Drying Methods on Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents and Determination of Antioxidant Capacity of Guyabano (Annonamuricata) Formulated Tea Leaf

Eure Ka Amithyst M. Granada

Evaluation of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management Implementation Process in the Rural Health Units of Region XI: Basis for Formulation of Strategic Plan

Merry B. Gringco

HMG-CoA Reductase Activity and Fat Hydrolyzing Potential of Banana (Musa x paradisiaca L.) Peel Extract

Donna Heizel G. Manguiob

Antiangiogenic Effect of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized from Turmeric (Curcuma longa) Rhizome and Chloroform Fraction on Chicken Chorioallantoic Membrane

Ian Ace A. Pacquiao

Evaluation of the Antiinflammatory Potential of Cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and Pomelo (Citrus maxima) Leaf Extract ThroughLipoxygenase Inhibition with Emulsion-gel Preparation

Charity P. Redaniel

Biosorption Potential and Photodeactivation of Adsorbed Free Cyanide in Purging Nut (Jatrophacurcas L.) Dried Leaves

Melba M. Roma

Antihyperlipidemic Activity of Artocarpuscamansi Blanco (Moraceae) Ethanolic Leaf Extract in Triton X-100 Induced Hyperlipidemic Rats (Rattusnorvegicus)

Angela B. Telesforo

Effectiveness of Pharmacist-Led Medication Therapy Management among Psychiatric Patients in Davao City

Daisy B. Areja