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The School Administrators as Speakers in Public Venues: Gains and Drawbacks

Jonathan L. Cabradilla



I n spite of being competent of their respective fields of work, most professionals worldwide may hurdle due to the fact that they lack public speaking skills where they can articulate and deliver their public speeches and addresses clearly and effectively. Speakers in public venues, such as school administrators, may gain benefits and detriments from such challenging experiences which they could impart to their colleagues or in the academe in general. The purpose of this phenomenological study was to trace and illustrate the gains and drawbacks of the school administrators as speakers in public venues. This study explored the lived experiences through question on how the school administrators underwent and faced the gains and drawbacks as speakers in public venues. The findings and results showed that there were 13 themes. It also revealed that school administrators had more gains than drawbacks in public speaking venues and most of all they gained significant insights.