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Genre Analysis of Research Article Conclusion in Quantitative Researches

Elias S. Dalapo



Academic writing is an important means of communication. How ideas are crafted with linguistic features and how they are logically arranged are salient points as they shape the minds of the readers and direct them to comprehend. This qualitative study which employed genre analysis used research article conclusions of the 45 quantitative manuscripts in four graduate programs. Results revealed that conclusion sections of quantitative research articles used linguistics features such as cohesive devices which include sentence frames, reference, discourse linkers, past tense and passive voice. These conclusion articles further employed rhetorical moves such as summarizing the study as move one, which was obligatory in all quantitative manuscripts. Move two includes three steps like indicating significance as step one, which was optional, indicating limitation as step two which was conventional and evaluating methodology as step three, also optional. Move three focused on implication and recommendation which also included implication as step one and recommendation as step two which was both obligatory. Move four was focused on future research which was obligatory. Further, the research article conclusions followed moves one, two, three, and four which were obligatory in all programs.