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The Presidential Campaign Speeches during the 2016 Election: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Nilo T. Labang



The impetus for the analysis within this dissertation aimed to understand the tools involved by the candidates. By analyzing the choices and patterns within these depictions, I hope to uncover not only the linguistics features present in the campaign speeches of all the Philippine presidential candidates during the 2016 election, but also the social aspects employed by the candidates in their campaign speeches to manufacture discourse that may be of value to the Filipino audiences. The corpora of the study were the three campaign speeches of the five candidates for presidency during the 2016 Presidential election. The corpora were obtained electronically following proper protocols. Critical Discourse Analysis was utilized to give answer to the given research questions. Coding and audit trail were performed in the conduct of the analysis. It was found out in the study that the following types of process in relation to transitivity analysis were observed which include material, behavioral, mental, verbal, relational and existential. Along with the types of process, the following were the said to be the types of participants that were found in the campaign speeches: actor, goal, recipient, client, initiator, range, behaver, phenomenon, senser, sayer, receiver, verbiage, carrier, attribute, attributor, value, assigner and existent.