HomeTin-awvol. 2 no. 1 (2018)

Women Representation in Philippine Advertising: A Semiotic Analysis

Socorro L. Neri



Women magazines are found and sold everywhere. One of its contents which caught my attention was how women were represented in various print advertisements. This qualitativesemiotic analysis study aimed to analyze the women representation in the Philippine advertising and how visual compositions realized certain meaning through the use of multimodal visual text. This further aimed to demonstrate how deliberately constructed images were forged by motivated sign markers, in order to convey specific social message. Results showed that women in the Philippines as shown on printed advertisement in women magazines were represented as homebody, husband dependent, weak, commodity and sex objects. However, it also showed that some women were represented as career woman. In terms of linguistic aspects particularly syntax, it was found out that Philippine advertising used simple sentences like declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory. It also used adjectival phrase, gerund phrase and prepositional phrase. Moreover, in terms of semantics, it used figurative language like polysemy, metaphor, hyperbole, pun metonymy and paradox. Pragmatically, it had simple taglines and slogans which were deixis, conversational in tone and intertextuality.