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Recorded Formative Feedbacking in Language Classes: A Discourse Analysis

Jessie S. Sajol



Giving of feedback in the classroom is inevitable since it is part of the learning process. Formative feedback is generated by teachers as strategies to engage learners to constantly reflect on how they can approach, orient, and evaluate learning, which lead to successful learning outcomes. This research aimed to determine the linguistic features found in formative feed backing and on how teachers provide formative feed backing in language classes. The researcher employed qualitative research design using discourse analysis. This research was carried out through a series of classroom observations and in depth interviews involving five senior high school language teachers in the Division of Davao del Sur. Themes were generated from the participants’ responses and were analyzed. The results revealed that in terms of linguistic features modality suggestion, verbs, personal pronouns, location nouns and prepositions, error nouns, idea verbs, negative words, praises and critical remarks were found among those used by teachers in giving formative feedback. The ways they gave feedback involved techniques such as providing comments through constructive and motivational scheme, considering background of the students, explaining evaluation results, soliciting ideas in the class to correct incorrect responses, and ignoring incorrect responses.