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Commentaries of Facebook Users on Filipino Blogs: A Register Analysis

Leilani T. Señires



Commentaries in Filipino blogs that are seen in Facebook nowadays is a showcase of insult and mockery of a person’s way of argument. This qualitative research design which employed register analysis aimed to analyze the lexico-grammatical, syntactic features and structures of the commentaries of Filipino blogs posted in Facebook. Fifty-one corpora of blogs were used as basis of the study. Results showed that Facebook users nowadays engaged themselves to vulgarity, profanity and neologism in expressing their thoughts in political commentaries which become a trend in social media and which people find interesting to engage with regardless of the purpose of written discourse. In addition, the syntactic features found in the structure of these commentaries were highly visible in a form of ellipsis, clause, imperative and wh-questions where rules of correct sentence structure were not observed. In general, the results imply that people of this generation have become so expressive of their thoughts considering the wide range of freedom offered by social media. The language of commentaries in social media and blogs no longer preserves graciousness towards others since power had been injected to words by people who are enraged. Results also revealed that the lexicogrammatical features and syntactic features were all content words and so thus, the corpora used in the study were all authentic considering that the means of gathering them was through screen shots taken from identified Filipino blogs.