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The Hearing Children of Deaf Parents: Articulating the Voice of Silence

Belen D. Tado



Living in the world of sounds and silence are two diverse situations that children to deaf parents are into. Hearing children of deaf parents are the primary figures in this study. This qualitativemultiple case study focused on the challenges and experiences of the hearing children of deaf parents. Five hearing children whose parents were both deaf from Davao Region were interviewed. Data were extracted from the direct statements of the participants. Sixteen major themes emerged namely; confusion and misunderstanding, denial and disavowal, need to speak the language of the hearing-impaired, intimidation and brickbats, dependence on financial support of significant others, desire for normalcy, being adept at sign language, transcending and rising above the situation, being more open and accepting, involvement in the journey of the hearing-impaired, counting one’s blessings, deaf people deserve respect and love, they deserve their space under the sun, there’s a certain longing for parents to be normal, there should be opportunities for employment and development, and despite impairment, parent’s heart is in the right place. Finally, to be accepted in the community and for their deaf parents to be given opportunity to earn for a living regardless of their disabilities were their plea to the community. Awareness of the community to the challenges and experiences of these children would better understand their unique family structure and family communication.