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Filipino Songs as Vehicle of Gay Portrayal: Through Formalist and Marxist Analyses

John Ryan V. Ignacio



This qualitative study examined Filipino songs with gay themes involving analyzing messages about gender in the lyrics, followed by an analysis of the perceptions of these messages as well as the ideas about gender and what it means to be a gendered being in today’s modern world. It is irrefutable that gays are marginalized sector around the world. Hence, gays face sexism, oppression, physical abuse and stigma. All these factors relegate gays to the margins of society. Homosexuality can also be heard from Filipino bands and artists writing comical and serious songs about same-sex preferences and having them played in radios that permeate Filipino homes and workplaces, as well as academic articles that express homosexual outlooks and attempts to influence the public to adjust their views of gays in the society. Through formalist and Marxist approaches, the researcher analyzed 20 Filipino gay-themed songs. Deception, suppression of identity, abhorrence to homosexuality and plea for acceptance were the themes surfaced in the analyses. Additionally, based on socio-cultural assumption gays were marginalized members of the society. They were subjected to sexism, physical and emotional abuse. They were ostracized due to their confusion in their identity. Most of the times, gay family members treated them indifferently. Finally, insights and implications from analyzing how these songs depicted gays were presented.