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Meaningful Work Experience of Public Elementary School Teachers in Region XI: A Structural Equation Model

Maricel M. Jamero



The study was conducted to come up with the best structural equation model of meaningful work experience of the public elementary teachers. This study investigated on the level of leadership effectivity among school administrators. It also dealt with the level of teachers’ self-concept, level of total quality management of the school, level of meaningful work experience and the significant relationship work experience and leadership style, self-concept and total quality management until it reached up to determining the best fit model. The study was quantitative in nature using descriptive and causal relationship design. Multi-stage sampling technique was used in selecting the 400 teacher-respondents. It was found that in terms of leadership style, laissez-faire kind of leadership emerged to be the highest in category mean. It was found that the respondents had high self-concept. Moreover, it was also found that the schools had very high level of total quality management. Further, the level of meaningful experience of the respondents was very high as evidenced by the overall mean. It showed that there was a significant relationship between leadership style and self-concept to meaningful experience. However, only self-concept showed significant influence among the variables. Lastly, it was found that the best fit model was Model 5.