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Travails of High School Science Teachers: A Phenomenology

Camila l. Likit



The purpose of this qualitative-phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of the eight high school science teachers as they contextualized the demands of the current science curriculum vis-à-vis the demands of the learning preferences of the young generations of today. The primary data collection method was in-depth interviews based on the questionnaires which were validated by experts and were assessed by the Ethics Review Committee. The recorded responses were transcribed, coded, and analyzed according to the research questions. On the first question on lived experiences, five essential themes emerged. For the second research question on coping and adapting the challenges, the thematic statements from the participants’ responses were summarized into five essential themes. While on the last research question that examined the insights of the participants, five essential themes were identified. The data collected from the participants suggested that science teachers needed enough support in terms of resources and capability building seminars in order to achieve the desired outcomes in the implementation of the K-12 science curriculum. This study was valuable in the field of education as this could be a basis for needs assessment of program implementations. Recommendations for future researches were provided for the improvement of science teaching in the Philippines.