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The Academic Pursuit of Successful Student Transferees: A Multiple Case Study

Kenny James Merin



The purpose of this multiple case study was to understand and describe how student successfully adjusted and coped from their academic failures from previous schools to become academically well performing students of Davao Doctors College. The study was limited to five transferees and three people surrounding them. Only student transferees who transferred during their 2nd year and 3rd year level were part of the study. The main informants were given pseudonyms to hide their real identities and to comply with ethics. Five themes emerged from the shared experiences of the five participants and the people surrounding the case. These themes were: student transferee schedule, systems of the pharmacy program, familiarity with regular students, the approachable, inspiring, helpful faculty, and acceptance from the environment. It was also found that perception and ability of student transferees to adapt to the situation, influence and encouragement from the teachers, involvement of parents, positive attitude of regular students and teachers towards student-transferees, and good relationship between teachers and students were the significant aspects which led them to their academic success. Student transferees were not hopeless cases instead were challenges for regular students and teachers to provide a mutually beneficial environment for everybody. Given this, student-transferees could still become successful, given the right environment, right attitude, and right motivation.