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Mediating Effect of Risks Management Strategies on the Relationship between Leadership Style and Work Performance of School Heads

Estrellita A. Ramos



This study aimed to determine the mediating effect of risk management strategies on the relationship between leadership styles and work performance of teachers. The descriptive correlational research design was utilized in this study. A total of 470 public secondary school teachers in Region XI were selected as respondents using the purposive sampling technique. Sets of adopted survey questionnaires were utilized to obtain data from the respondents. The mean, Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, and mediation analysis using Sobel z test were used as statistical tools in the study. The overall level of leadership styles among school heads was described as moderate. In particular, among the three indicators of leadership styles, only transactional leadership reached moderate level while the laissez-faire leadership and transformational leadership were low. The teachers had high level of task performance and contextual performance but low in counter-productive work performance. Moreover, the level of risk management strategies was rated high in all of its three indicators. It was also revealed that there was a significant relationship between leadership styles and work performance. Similarly, risk management strategies also had a significant relationship with work performance. However, there was no significant relationship between leadership styles and risk management strategies. Furthermore, the results of Sobel-z test revealed a non-significant z-value which indicated that there was no significant mediation that took place in the relationship model.