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Assessment and Evaluation of the Clinical Pharmacy Curriculum: Basis for the Development of Objective Structured Clinical Examination Manual

Cherrie G. Muaña



The main purpose of the study was to determine the progressive integration of the stand pharmacy skills at different depths in the clinical pharmacy curriculum through the assessment and evaluation of the clinical pharmacy program conducted objectively by the clinical pharmacy students and graduates. The study utilized descriptive-evaluative research design to determine the level of consistency of the clinical pharmacy courses with the 2013 revised Center for the Advancement of Pharmacy Education (CAPE) competencies in terms of foundational knowledge, pharmacy practice and delivering patient’s care, approaches to practice and care and ability to develop professional and personal competencies. Descriptive statistics were used in the study. The over-all findings from the respondents revealed that all courses of clinical pharmacy curriculum had a moderate level of consistency with the revised 2013 CAPE competencies. The results indicated the need for improvement of all courses to align with the current practice of the clinical pharmacy. Based on the results off the assessment and evaluation, there was a need to develop the objective structured clinical examination manual. This would supplement to the existing delivery of instruction for Bachelor of Science major in Clinical Pharmacy curriculum. Likewise, this manual would align the curriculum with the CAPE competencies.