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The Kalagan Learners in Davao City: A Phenomenology of Academic Challenges

Rosemarie T. Realino



This study explored the Kalagan learners’ academic challenges in Davao City and aimed at describing the textures of their experiences and constructing an overall description of the meaning and essence of their experiences. Qualitative-phenomenological approach was used in this study. Eighteen Kalagan leaners from selected public elementary schools in the Division of Davao City were considered as participants for the in-depth interview and focus group discussion. Six major themes were generated regarding the academic challenges experienced by the Kalagan learners. These themes included struggling with language skills, struggling with mathematics, dealing with anxiety and agitation, wanting a home support system, poor study behavior and impoverishment. Further, there were four major themes revealed on the way Kalagan learners addressed their challenges such as hard work and focus, reinforcement activities, improved attendance and study habit and support, and assistance. Based on their experiences in their studies, they discerned the importance of hard work, education, change of outlook and attitudes and practice using the English language. These circumstances which they encountered implied that the impact of social interaction upon them had resulted in the renewal of their mindset or view on education. Through this, they realized that education could have been instrumental in the socio-economic change in their lives.