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Elucidating the Extrinsic Motivation Received by the Service Crew of Korean Grill Cuisine: A Phenomenology

Brendan E. Chiege



The complex nature of human beings makes it inevitable to manage and direct them. The insatiability of human needs unavoidably remains in existence such that man must work to meet his needs. Human Resource Management (HRM) has always seen the need to direct man’s effort towards this goal. This is one of the reasons motivation stands out as a poising factor that drives mankind towards achieving this aim. Motivation is a general term which has permeated every field of life. In this study, the concern of the researcher was based on the extrinsic motivation which included those external factors that drove employees towards working well to achieve the goal of their needs and become satisfied. This study did not exclude the fact that the issue at stake was a problem indeed. Thus, the underlying problem in this study was to ascertain the effects of extrinsic motivation on employees as could be drawn from the viewpoint of the service crew of Korean Grill Cuisine. This study applied a phenomenological approach to disclose in details the researcher’s experiences and feelings about extrinsic motivation juxtaposed with live experiences of the participants at their place of work. The results of the data from the in-depth interview and focus group discussion (FGD) showed that most of the participants felt satisfied with the extrinsic motivation they received in the Korean Grill Cuisine. Only few among them expressed dissatisfaction. Through this study, the awareness of extrinsic motivation was reawakened in most institutions that neglected the necessity. This study was a motivator.