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Productivity of Cacao Farmers in Calinan District of Davao City

Rachel P. Lingatong



This study determined the productivity level of the Cacao farmers in Calinan District, Davao City. Quantitative descriptive research design was used in describing the factors that affected the productivity level of cacao production among farmers in Calinan District, Davao City. Forty cacao farmers were selected using a systematic random sampling method. Data were collected using a survey with a structured questionnaire voluntarily answered by the respondents. Descriptive statistics was used in analyzing the data gathered. Findings revealed that males dominated the cacao production. Most of the cacao farmers were married and were at the age bracket of middle and older adults. Majority of the farmers were high school graduates and had small number of family members. Majority of the cacao farmers were in small scale and most of them adopted good agricultural practices. Their major source of labor involved family. Moreover, the level of productivity by most of the cacao farmers was low. Lastly, interventions from the government and private sector were needed in order to address the problem that hindered farmers from being productive. These problems included expensive price of the fertilizer, lack of knowledge in proper and efficient use of fertilizer, low adoption of good agricultural practices and sustainable production practices, aging of cacao trees, and financing needs for farm maintenance.