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Effectiveness of Oral Drill Technique on the Grammar Proficiency of Grade Seven Students

Sheryl Laine T. Caminade



civilized world. This study aimed to establish the effectiveness of oral drill technique on the grammar proficiency of grade seven students from the division of Davao del Sur. Specifically, it sought to determine the baseline level and post-test results of the grammar proficiency of grade seven students between control and experimental group in terms of subject-verb agreement, punctuation marks, and transitional words. The study employed an experimental design under quantitative research consisting of two learning groups, both groups were exposed in a conducive environment; the experiment was an experimental group under oral drill technique and a control group under traditional way of teaching. An adapted questionnaire was used as pre-test and post-test to determine the grammar proficiency of 80 selected students who were chosen through random sampling. The findings revealed that both groups’ grammar proficiency were poor during the pre-test; however, it had improved after the experiment was conducted. The results of the post-test revealed that control groups’ grammar proficiency was fair while the experimental groups’ grammar proficiency was good. Hence, oral drill technique had a great effect on the grammar proficiency level of the grade seven students.