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Multiple Intelligences and English Communication Skills of Grade Ten Students of Davao City

Nilo C. Hagonoy



The study aimed to determine the influence of multiple intelligences on the English communication skills. This quantitative study employed a descriptive-correlation research design to determine the relationship between multiple intelligences and English communication skills of the grade 10 students in Mintal and Tugbok, Davao City. The respondents answered a 40-item questionnaire to measure their level of multiple intelligences. An adapted English communication test was also used to determine the level of their English communication skills. In analyzing the data, the researcher used mean, standard deviation and Pearson r coefficient as statistical tools. Results revealed that the level of multiple intelligences in terms of linguistic, logical, spatial, bodily, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and natural intelligence were moderate, while the level of English communication skills in terms of listening skills was moderate but low in terms of reading. However, it was found that multiple intelligences correlated with English communication skills of the students. Thus, multiple intelligences influenced student’s English communication skills.