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Teacher Feedbacking and the Writing Performance of Grade 11 Students

Jessa Mae O. Jopson



Feedbacking has been employed by teachers as one of the various strategies in addressing the writing performance needs of the students. Hence, the researcher aimed to determine the level of teacher feedbacking , level of the writing performance of students, and determine whether the two have a significant relationship. This quantitative study employed descriptive correlational method utilizing an adapted questionnaire for feedbacking and an adapted rubric for the writing performance. These questionnaires were administered among 30 English teachers and 300 students from eight private schools in the Division of Davao City during the academic year 2017 - 2018. Quota sampling was used in the study. Moreover, mean, standard deviation, and Pearson r were used as statistical tools. Findings revealed an overall high level of teacher feedbacking; meanwhile, the overall result of the level of writing performance of Grade 11 students was average. Furthermore, this study indicated that there was no significant relationship between the level of teacher feedbacking and the writing performance of students. The results implied that even if teachers provided a well-crafted feedback geared towards the benefit of their students but if students would disregard it, then, it would be useless.