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Parenting Styles and Self-esteem among Grade 6 Public Elementary School Students

Rinalyn C. Bedolido



The unrelenting concern for self-esteem of students prompted the conduct of this study. The author wanted to ascertain relationship and influence of parenting styles on the level of self-esteem of students in public elementary schools. Three hundred sixty-eight Grade 6 students were included through stratified random sampling. The data were gathered using survey questionnaires. Statistics used were mean and percentages which determined the level of parenting styles and self-esteem of students as well as the dominant parenting styles; Pearson r was also used to determine the significant relationship between parenting styles and self-esteem; and regression analysis was used to identify the best predictor of self-esteem. Results revealed that parenting styles were significantly correlated with self-esteem. It implies that parenting such as authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive are important aspects of students’ self-esteem. Additionally, results revealed that there was a model of predicting the level of self-esteem of students; parenting styles was one of those. The findings suggested that parents may be careful on how they deal or raise their children as this may have a permanent impact on their lives.