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Emotional Intelligence and Engagement among Senior High School Students: Basis for Intervention Program

Mary Grace S. Ybanez



Emotional intelligence and student engagement in schools are both important constructs that have been associated with student success. This study investigated the influence of emotional intelligence on students’ engagement among 300 senior high school students in cluster V schools in Davao City. These students were selected through random sampling technique. The method used for this study was descriptive-correlation. The data were obtained using a questionnaire which elicited information on students’ emotional intelligence as well as their engagement in school. Mean, Pearson r and linear regression were used in analyzing and interpreting the data. The results of the study revealed that the respondents had a moderate level of emotional intelligence. Handling relationship, personal autonomy, knowing one’s emotions, and creativity were found to be significantly and positively associated with student engagement in school. The findings of the study hold important implications on the value of students’ emotional intelligence and their engagement in school.