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MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION MAJOR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION Perceived Advantages of Information and Communications Technology Integration and Digital Literacy among Physical Education Faculty

Gemkarl Rufer Denayn B. Galang



Together with other subjects, physical education (PE) is emerging in terms of integrating information and communication technology (ICT) into regular classes. Such innovative teaching practices in PE involve diverse parties that are affected by these teaching processes. Students, principals, district supervisors, parents, administrators, policy makers, and PE teachers are involved. Hence, each participating party has its own personal perceptions about ICT and PE. This study examined the level of the perceived advantages of ICT integration and digital literacy among physical education faculty. A total of 60 in-service tertiary school PE teachers were surveyed using the researcher-made instrument. The data collected by the researcher were analyzed using mean, standard deviation, Pearson r, and linear regression. Findings of the study revealed that ICT improved the presentation of material in the PE lessons and also, ICT integration established significant correlations with each of the domains of digital literacy, namely, digital tools and systems, social technology, and digital engagement skills and tactics. Lastly, it also significantly influenced the level of the holistic digital literacy of physical education teachers in the Province of North Cotabato.