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Psychological Skills of Dance Sport Athletes: Basis for Training Program

Ava Sheldon O. Tagunayon



This study determined the level of psychological skills of dance sports athletes from Region 11 and Region 12. It also attempted to find the significant differences in the respondents’ skills when they were grouped according to age, dance sport discipline, academic level and dance sport level. It also aimed to draft a training program focused on the psychological aspects of performance of the respondents. This research utilized a quantitative descriptive comparative design. The study included 130 dance sport athletes. The mean, standard deviation, and multiple regression were utilized as statistical tools. Results showed that majority of the respondents were male with age-range of 11-15 years old. They were mostly in junior high school and they focused on American-Latin dance sport discipline and mostly were in junior level. Overall psychological skills were high; emotional control obtained the lowest; while the goal setting was the highest. However, there was a significant difference in psychological skills when the academic and dance sport levels were analyzed. Hence, it can be concluded that psychological skills training program may be implemented to reduce anxiety and to be able to manage athletes emotions. It may help them enhance their performance. This study provided a foundation for further research related to the effectiveness of psychological skills training program for the dance sport athletes.