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Learning Experiences, Learning Styles, and Academic Performance of the Students

Arnel Jeff S. Tulabing



When there is a mismatch in students’ learning styles and learning experiences employed by teachers, academic performance of students becomes at risk. This study aimed to determine the relationships among learning experiences, learning styles, and academic performance of the students. Descriptive correlation design was utilized in the study. The respondents were 120 public secondary school students in Davao City Schools Division. Respondents were selected through quota sampling technique. Modified and validated survey questionnaires comprised of learning experiences and learning styles were utilized. The statistical tools employed for data analysis were mean, standard deviation, Pearson Product Moment Correlation, and regression analysis. The findings of the study revealed that learning experiences was high and was oftentimes manifested or practiced in school by students. In terms of profile, most of students were visual learners and few were kinesthetic. The level of academic performance of students in MAPEH was very satisfactory. The test of correlation revealed that there was a significant relationship between learning experiences and academic performance in MAPEH. An increase in learning experiences enhances students’ performance in MAPEH. Furthermore, there was a significant relationship between auditory and kinesthetic learning styles of students and their academic performance in MAPEH. Further, events as learning experience significantly influenced academic performance of public secondary students in MAPEH.