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Coping Skills, Psychological Skills and Athletes Performance in Region XII

Benjie E. Yumague



The purpose of the present investigation was to examine the coping skills, psychological skills and athletes’ performance in Region XII. One hundred fifty male athletes were given standard questionnaires and were interviewed during the COPRISA Meet. Particular attention was given to psychological factors and cognitive strategies in their training and competition. Correlations were performed to assess the relationships of coping skills and psychological skills to the athletic performance. Although sport psychologists utilize numerous interventions and techniques intended to enhance the performance of athletes in competition, the selection of those interventions has not always been based on research for which adequate validity has been established. Mean, standard deviation, ANOVA and Pearson r were used in analysing and interpreting the data. Results of the study showed that the coping skills and psychological skills were high and athletes’ performance was poor. Coping skills and psychological skills correlated with athletes’ performance. Finally, based on the results of the study, program was proposed to help the athletes enhance their performance. The coping skills of the athletes in Region XII were practiced most of the time in the area of coping with adversity, coachability, peaking under pressure, freedom from worry, goal setting/mental preparation, confidence and achievement motivation and concentration.