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Non-Early Childhood Education Graduates in their Pedagogical Journey as Kindergarten Teachers: A Phenomenology of Adaptation Challenges

Patricia Anne R. Mangaoil



The purpose of this study was to uncover the adaptation challenges faced by non-early childhood education graduates. The study used the qualitative research approach utilizing the phenomenology research design. One-on-one in-depth interviews, observation, and focus group discussions were conducted. The study included 10 teachers from private Christian schools in Davao City who were carefully selected through purposive sampling. From the collected data, major themes and core ideas emerged. On the adaptation of challenges, absence or lack of proper preparation and training, inclusion of children with special needs, difficult and fussy parents, physical, mental and psychological stress, difficulty with time management, muster tolerance, composure and creativity were experienced by the respondents. On the coping strategies, learn and update continuously, need to exercise extra care and forbearance, use of appropriate pedagogy, collaboration with stakeholders, need for support mechanisms emerged as themes. Non-early childhood teachers learned that establishment of good rapport with parents, teach with love and compassion, persevere and press on, sense of triumph, and the need to be a multifaceted teacher were important in their profession. These themes paved the way for the discussion and significant implications to the educational field, particularly in early childhood education. The study revealed that having determination, passion for the teaching profession, a strong support system, and the love for children, could hurdle any challenge that would be experienced in the life of a kindergarten teacher.