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Leadership Styles and School Climate of Public Secondary Schools in Mati City, North District

Jezza Mae M. Bel



This study aimed to determine the relationship between leadership style of school administrators and school climate in schools of Mati City, North District. Descriptive correlation design was utilized in the study. One hundred eighty-one public school teachers in the division of Mati City were selected as respondents through purposive sampling technique. Two validated adapted survey questionnaires were used in this study. This comprised indicators for leadership style of public school administrators and school climate. The statistical tools employed for data analysis were mean, standard deviation and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The findings of the study revealed that the level of leadership style of public school administrators was described as high. They evidently oftentimes manifested being autocratic, democratic, managerial and collaborative. While the level of school climate was interpreted as high, wherein safety and learning, interpersonal relationship, and conducive institutional environment were evident. Correlation results between variables revealed that leadership style and school climate were significantly related. A reasonable leadership style enhances school climate. The leadership style of public school administrators had significant relationship with school climate.