HomeTin-awvol. 2 no. 1 (2018)

The Influence of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction to Job Performance of Public School Elementary Teachers

Alfredo Jr. P. Magbanua



The study aimed to discover the relationship involving organizational commitment, job satisfaction and job performance. A quantitative correlation design was used to investigate the relationship between and among the three variables. The statistical tools used were mean, Pearson product moment correlation and multiple regression. An adapted survey questionnaire which was validated by experts and pilot tested was used in this study. A total of 112 teachers of M’lang South District were the respondents of the study and a complete enumeration was performed. The findings of the study revealed that the level of job satisfaction of teacher was high, as well as their job performance. Results revealed that organizational commitment was very high. Significant and positive correlations were obtained between job satisfaction and organizational commitment, organizational commitment and job performance, and job satisfaction and job performance. On the other hand, job satisfaction was not a predictor of job performance of teachers. It could not, however, completely account for the relationship between two variables.