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Effectiveness of Induction Program and Performance of Teachers in Public Schools in Davao City

Riza S. Sayomac



This study aimed to determine the relationship between the level of effectiveness of induction program and performance of public school teachers in Davao City. Descriptive- correlation design was utilized in the study. There were 82 public school teachers, in Cluster 1 in the Davao City Schools Division, who were selected as respondents through purposive sampling technique. A modified survey questionnaire which comprised the teacher induction program indicators was utilized. The statistical tools employed for data analysis were mean, standard deviation, Pearson product moment correlation, and multiple regression analysis. The findings of the study revealed that the level of induction program was high and was always manifested or practiced in school. The level of teaching performance was very satisfactory and their teaching performance manifested teaching-learning process, students’ outcomes, community involvement, professional growth, and personnel administration. The test of correlation between variables indicated that induction program and teaching performance were significantly related. An increase in induction program enhanced the performance of teachers. Areas involving objective, monitoring and evaluation significantly influenced performance of public secondary teachers.