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Attitude of Students towards Science Teachers and Appreciation of Science Subject

Recellia J. Piramide



It is important to develop the positive attitude of students toward science. This study aimed to determine the relationship between the attitudes of students toward their science teachers and appreciation of science subject. It employed the descriptive-correlational and comparative research designs. Researcher-made questionnaires were used in data gathering. These questionnaires were administered to 265 intermediate students from two sectarian schools in Davao City during the academic year 2015-2016. In the analysis of the data, the following statistical tools were used: weighted mean, independent sample T-test, Analysis of Variance, and the Pearson r correlation. The study yielded the following results: students had very extensive level of attitude towards science teachers in terms of cognitive, affective, and behavioral components; students’ appreciation toward science subjects was very high in terms of mood consistency of thinking, and strength of mood; students’ level of attitude toward teaching science when analyzed according to sex and grade level were both significant; female students had higher attitude toward teaching science than male; the Grade 4 students had the highest level of attitude toward teaching of science; and students’ attitude towards science teachers and their appreciation to science subject had significant relationship. Hence, there was a positive correlation between the variables.

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