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In Vitro Antioxidant and Percent Inhibition of Hydrogen Peroxide Formation Properties of the Extracts of Common Lawn Area Grasses in Midsayap, North Cotabato

Jolai R. Garcia



This research investigated the level of the flavonoid quercetin, antioxidant and percent hydrogen peroxide formation inhibitory properties of Amor-seco grass (Andropogonaciculatus), Bermuda grass (Cynodondactylon), Carabao grass (Paspalumconjugatum), Cogon grass (Imperatacylindrica) and Paragis (Eleusineindica). It employed quantitative research design particularly experimental research design. It utilized five sampling replicates using non-probability sampling in the collection of the lawn grasses. ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) was utilized as the statistical treatment for this study along with mean and standard deviation. After thorough investigation, it was found that among the five plant extracts used, Paragis and Cogon grass extracts showed the highest inhibition of DPPH free radicals. Moreover, the lowest inhibition was exhibited by Amor-seco extract, Bermuda grass extract and Carabao grass extract. This indicated that the other three grasses used by the researcher had lower concentration of quercetin. Furthermore, these findings may demonstrate that Paragis and Cogon grasses were effective antioxidant agents. In addition, secondary testing towards anti-inflammatory properties of the grasses showed that Bermuda grass and Carabao grass have higher potency compared to the three grasses.