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Antioxidant and Antiangiogenic Property of Formulated Syrup from Three Selected Varieties of Durian (DuriozibethinusMurr.) Seeds

Carolina P. Eroy



The study was conducted to investigate the antioxidant and antiangiogenic effects of the three (Arancillo, Native, and Puyat) varieties of durian (Duriozibethinusmurr.). The research instruments used were Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, determination of the acute oral toxicity test based on the OECD Guidelines on Swiss mice, antioxidant activity using DPPH method and median inhibitory concentration (IC50), determination of anti-angiogenic property using Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) assay making use of duck eggs, and determination of microbial limit and viscosity test as part of the quality testing for the formulated syrup. Through the One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), it was found out that there was a significant difference (p<.05) on the secondary and tertiary blood vessels formation post treatment with three varieties of durian (Duriozibethinusmurr.) seeds and negative control. On the other hand, there was no significant difference on the blood vessel formation of both the negative control and experimental groups in terms of the primary blood vessels formed. The results had pointed out that the three varieties of durian seeds exhibited antioxidant properties as indicated with low IC50. The findings showed that the three extracts used were effective in inhibiting DPPH free radical and could inhibit new blood vessels formation; thus, has the potential antioxidant and anti-angiogenic activity.